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Concepts on Viscosity (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, viscosity have been discussed.

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  3. VISCOSITY It is a property of fluids (liquids and gases only) which offers resistance to the flow of fluids. Cahsi ve atracon b same molecules adhesive aaching h other molecules - cohesive ce s . It tve ev wes auj Eac substance

  4. NEWTON'S LAW OFviSCOSITY JR - dynanic viscosity L- E Rate of sheay stain vel aedlenb FRUSTUM TUBE

  5. NEWTON'S LAW OFviSCOSITY deformation or Rote f- 8har strain unit M 2 /sec m 2 dl F= HA du M Force Area . time nawic visc osihl

  6. KINEMATIC VISCOSITY Rokio dynaroic.viscosily to water Ex 82 M2 M s: M x m2 ka I000 m2 Unit: m2 Sec.

  7. KINEMATIC VISCOSITY AIR 18 x 0 sec ' rM2 io 1-2 sec sec

  8. QUESTION incompvessible fluid sp9 kinematic viscosity F-4x10-Fy42 s, subfected to tentional Fore Jn1 unit. Area,-10 e fluid. .is moving blo a fiwed plates Velociby 30 Es timote tne 7 caused on th- a p Im uit plate

  9. SOLUTION dj S- 0.8 . 0.8 Joil Iv2 . VM 60 t- 7.4x10-4 x 0,5 x 800 o- 3

  10. QUESTION A Neato ou -Riled blo a hafk and slceve Beazinc 8ooN is apt on shaftIhe shoft gaims 15 cmls velociy f force is increased to 4 kN ten spead il be 6 13-5 cmIS