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Properties of Fluids (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on properties of fluids.

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  3. FLUID MECHANICS It is the branch of science which deals with properties of fluids (liquids and gases), behavior of fluids at rest, under motion with and without forces causing motion. Application of FM Hydraulic analysis of turbine, pumps, hydraulic equipment flow, analysis in pipes and hydraulic losses in pipes for optimization of pipe size, etc.

  4. FLUID MECHANICS TOPICS Properties of fluids Fluid statics - Fluid kinematics Fluid dynamics Laminar flow of incompressible fluids through pipes and in between pipes - Turbulent flow through pipes Boundary layer theory concepts Turbomachinery (Hydraulic Turbines)

  5. PROPERTY OF FLUIDS Mass of the matter Weight of the fluid Area Volume Specific mass (mass density) Weight density (unit weight or specific weight) Specific gravity or relative gravity

  6. PROPERTY OF FLUIDS Specific volume -Dynamic viscosity Kinematic viscosity Compressibility of liquids (Bulk Modulus) Surface tension (surface energy) Pressure Intensity Vapour Pressure

  7. WEIGHT A force due to gravitational pull. W=mg kg -fa mx 9.3 Ntutois and a F ma VM SeC2 kgf= 9.81 N N kam sec2

  8. AREA Area is the space occupied by the matterin 2D Normal Area &Cross section Area Plane Area ResistingArea Surface Area Shear Area Crushing Area Tearing Area Projected Area Flow Area

  9. NORMAL AREA - -

  10. CROSS SECTION AREA AND FLOW AREA 4 Flow Work: Depending on the fluid touching the sides

  11. VOLUME 1000 cm3 it 1000 1m3 1000 milli it