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Compressibility and Bulk Modulus (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, compressibility and bulk modulus have been explained.

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Neeta Hegde
2 years ago
My pleasure @chidura Shivajyothi. Keep learning.

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  3. VARIATION OFVISCOSITY WITH RESPECT TOO TEMPERATURE NO1E a 1em 2. or ases viscosib increases aith the increa sef of temp

  4. COMPRESSIBILITY AND BULK MODULUS OF ELASTICITY In case of hydraulic systems the working fluid is incompressible (density constant) fluid (water, oil, mercury,etc) subjected to external pressures causing the change in volumetric strain (decreased) or increased density strain due to the fluid behaviour compressibility as shown in fig. Pi Mass re 2. ViS C-S k Bul k Nodulus of elasticity of aui d

  5. QUESTION the increase in pressu evequived to decrease unit Merci 28-5 is 28 s MPa Bulk modulus of mera

  6. SOLUTION 2. Mw 100 dv = 28-S k pa nA2 1000

  7. QUESTION When the pressure of a given mass of liquid is increased form 30bar to 35 bar, the density of the liquid increases from 500 kg/m3 to 501 kg/m3.What is the value of bulk modulus of the given tested liquid for the given range of pressure a) 700 MPa b) 600 MPa c) 500 MPa d) 250 MPa

  8. SOLUTION M const : 500 501 2 501-500 Sa p :. 500 a50 MPa -

  9. QUESTION A Thio plate is placet bluo 2 Flat su whi ch are H mehres apqrt such that tha viscosily of Liquids on tha 1op an Bstho of plates aye i a uohot ts He position f the n plak Such hat He vis cous resistance to have t unifoym motian velocity vof the plate is eS el, and ve spective minimmp 2. H2

  10. SOLUTION (+y)2 to mininis2 f 2 du 2 @4) 4-y 2.