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Subject-Verb Agreement: Part 9 (in Hindi)
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Unacademy user
Can anyone plz tell me that in ques.2 how we come to know about the sides of triangle ABD=(9,12,15)
Abhinav Prakash
4 years ago
Because hypotenuse is 15. So only triangle possible out of the 3 is a multiple of (3,4,5) triangle. which is (9,12,15) triangle.
Abhinav Prakash
4 years ago
Please watch it again. And concentrate. Forget all the methods you have learnt till now to get this one.
Vinay Kumar M
4 years ago
already its given AB=15 and we are taking AD as altitude so it becomes Right angled triangle..(3,4,5) x 3 = 9,12,15
Thank u sir jii 🙏 concept clear ho gya sir 😄bhut achhhi lgi sir ji class 😄
thanks sir noun or pronoun par bhi banaye AAP ne bahut best diya. aapne
sir bahut enjoy kiya or sara concept clear ho gaye aapne, bahut acha pdaya thank you sir or chapters bhi le kr aaiye please
very helpful sir thank you
  1. Rule 17: Singular Verb is used with expressions having structure of Singular Collective Noun of+ Plural Noun' e.g., A group of, A band of, A team of, A herd of, A flock of, A chain of, A class of, A set of, A bouquet of, A galaxy of, A fleet of, A pair of, A gang of, etc. A garland of flowers is ready. A batch of students is studying here. In these cases the verb is used in accordance with Subject (A group of, A team of etc.) which is singular in nature.

  2. Rule 18: Singular verb is used with Hyphenated Expressions/ Singular Noun Repeated after a Preposition. (Plural Noun cannot be used) e.g., Wave after wave, Ship after ship, Mistake after mistake, Attempt after Attempt, Question after question Brick upon brick, Storey upon story, Box into box, etc. Question after question was asked to me. Storey upon story is being built. Attempt after attempt was made

  3. Rule 19: Sentence beginning with 'There'. Is Are is used according to the subject following is/are. e.g., There is a book on the table. There are some books on the table