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Subject-Verb Agreement: Part 7 (in Hindi)
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ma'am how you have taken 6 months for c
Thank u sir 🙏 concept clear ho gya sir 😄
acha concept h sir clear ho gya
  1. Rule 12: Some Adjectives when come with article 'The' work as Plural Nouns and in that case Plural Verbs are used with them. These Adjectives are Poor, Rich, Humble, Blind, Dumb, Honest, etc e-g., The poor are honest. The virtuous are respected.

  2. Rule 13: When Adjectives of Quantity (Much, More, Little, Less) are used as Subjects, then Singular Verbs are used with them. e.g., Much has already been done. Little has been done so far. Much more is still needed. Much less was expected.

  3. Rule 14: If the subject of a sentence is Relative Pronoun (Who, Whom, Whose, Which, That), then Verb in its Number and Person is used according to the Antecedents (Noun/Pronoun preceding that relative pronoun) of that relative pronoun e.g., I, who am your friend, should help you. He, who is your friend, should help you The pen, which is in your hand, is mine. The books, that are on the table, are mine. He is one of those boys who work very hard. This is one of the most exciting matches that have been played in our field.