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Subject-Verb Agreement: Part 4 (in Hindi)
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well expalined,easy to remember evry thing
concept to apke bilkul hi Cristal clear hote h sir no doubt thanku sir g😊
  1. Rule 6: If the Subject attached to other words (or Subjects) by (With, Together with, Along With, In addition to, Like, And not, In addition to, No less than, Rather than, More than, Unlike, Besides, Including, Excluding, As well as etc.) then subject coming after these connector words have no effect on the verb; and the verb is used as per original subject. (called PARENTHETICAL) e.g., The commander, with all his soldiers, was killed in a blast. The chief cashier, together with all his men, has been dismissed. Problem: The leader as well as / his followers are fatally injured in the train accident which occurred last night / near this railway crossing./No error Explanations: Here, there is an error in the second part of the sentence and 'are' should be replaced by is.

  2. Rule 7: When Plural Noun represents Definite Quantity, Number, Price or Distance, the verb used is Singular in its form. e.g., Ten lakh rupees is a Six quintals is a Problem: Seventy miles are / not a long distance / for a motorist. / No error Solution: In the above problem, there is an error in the first part of the sentence; are should be replaced by is. large sum heavy load for a camel