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Subject-Verb Agreement: Part 5 (in Hindi)
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Thank you mam! With the help of your lectures, i have finished the big topic of polity. It was a nice learning journey! Thanks & god bless u ...!
cattle ke sath to singular verb b use ho jati hai..
  1. Rule 8: When the Title of a Book" or "Name of a Country" or Name of an Organisation" ends with -s, it seems to be in Plural Number; but actually they are in Singular Number and hence the Verb used is Singular in its form e.g., The United States of America is the most powerful country The Gulliver's Travels is a novel of adventure. Problem: If any proof was needed to show that the United Nations have / lately become a policy tool in the hands of the USA /and that the world's sole might has a subservient / international body, it was provided by President Obama's comment. / No error Explanations: In the above sentence there is an error in the first part of the sentence as the name of an organisation should be followed by singular verb

  2. Rule 9 Some Important Nouns used as Plural but confused as Singular.; Verb is used in Plural Form. People, Cattle, Gentry, Clergy, Cavalry, Poultry, Peasantry, Yeomanry, Infantry Nobility, Children, etc.; Plural Form of Verbs are used with these nouns. e.g., The cattle are grazing in the field The poultry are healthy. The peasantry are very happy.