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Subject-Verb Agreement: Part 6 (in Hindi)
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  1. Rule 10: Some words such as Ssissors, Trousers, Spectacles, Shorts, Tongs, etc. end in -s and seem to represent a single thing, but they are two parts of that single thing(But they cannot be separated); hence, Plural verbs are used with these nouns. e.g., His trousers are very costly. (correct) His trouser is very costly. (incorrect) Scissors are on the table. Note: These Nouns can be used with "A pair of Singular Verbs are used with them e.g., A pair of trousers is ready for you. A pair of scissors is on the table. "" and in this case

  2. Rule 11: If the Subject of a sentence is Infinitive/Gerund/Phrase/Clause, then Singular Verb is used with them. e.g., Walking is good for health. To work hard is his lot. How to reach there is known to me. That he is honest is known to all.