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Structure of the Earth (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the structure and layers of the Earth.

Bhairavi Tidke
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  2. The Crust . Outermost->solid - >brittle in nature o Thickness of oceanic crust 5km & continental crust 30km In major mountain systems-nearly 70km(in Himalayan regions) . H Heavier rocks(density-3 g/cm3) -> basaltic rocks

  3. Crust 0-100 km thick Lithosphere (crust and upper most solid mantle) Asthenosphere Mantle Mantle Crust 2,900 km Liquid Outer core 5,100 km Inner core Solid Not to scale 6,378 km

  4. Mantle Interior beyond earth crust Extend from Moho's discontinuity to 2900km Upper part--> Asthenosphere ( astheno-weak)-> up to 400 km Main source of magma during volcanic reactions Density 3.4g/cm3 (higher than crust) crust + asthenosphere = lithosphere Mantle below asthenosphere is solid . .

  5. The Core EQ wave velocities used for understanding existence of core. * Core mantle boundary 2900km ED outer core-> liquid, inner core-> solid Density ->core- mantle boundary(5g/cm3)-> at the center(13g/cm3) Core made up of heavy metals Ni & Fe ED

  6. Earth Structure (Not to Scale) Crust 0-100 km thick Lithosphere Crust and upper most Mantle Mantle 100km 2900km deep Outer core 2900km 5100km deep Core Inner core 5100km to 6378km deep 6,378 km