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Rocks and Rock Cycle (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers the details about types of rocks and rock cycle.

Bhairavi Tidke
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  1. Rocks and Rock cycle

  2. ROCKS ON THE EARTH 1. Igneous rocks 3. Sedimentary rocks

  3. ROCK CYCLE Magma of the interior is uplifted cooled-s& again uplifted. If instead of upliftment, it again goes inside the earth then due to high temp& pressure chemical composition of the rock changes this are metamorphous rocks . Metamorphous ->change from original form .Due to erosion of uplifted igneous & metamorphic rocks by means of agents like air, wind, waves etc. ->pebbles->granules->sand-> de- position of sand Due to deposition lowermost layer feels pressure & forms sedimentary rocks .

  4. The Rock Cycle Weathering Uplift to surface Transportation Igneous rocks Burlal, heat sedimentation Pressure Metamorphic uMthea rocks eat t&pressure Sedimentary Magma Magma Magma

  5. teSedimentary L. Weathenng. 2. Transport, 3. Deposition, 4. Cementation 5. Compaction 1. Weethering, 2. Transport, 3. Deposition, 4. Cementation 5. Comgaction 1. Meling. 2. Cooling . Crystaltization Heat andfar Pressure Igneous Metamorphic t. Nelting 2. Cooling. 3. Crystallizabon Heat andfor Pressure

  6. Igneous rocks Formed due to solidification of magma . Don't have strata or layer Don't have strata or layer . No fossils (due to high temperature) . Entire lava is solidified therefore they have crystalline structure

  7. Extrusive igneous rocks cool quickly and as a result these rocks are fine grained or has lack of crystal growth. Intrusive igneous rocks are formed from magma that cools slowly and as a result these rocks are coarse grained. Magma chamber

  8. Sedimentary rocks . Formed due to lithification of soil Erosion of rocks->deposition of sand->compressed & compacted always in layers can find fossils here

  9. Sediments and mentary Ro Sedi cks