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Effects and Measurement of Earthquakes (in Hindi)
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This is the lesson on Earthquakes which covers measuring earthquakes and effects of Earthquakes.

Bhairavi Tidke
2nd year B. Tech. Student, Design head of Bombay technologist of ICT, dancer, painter, interested in research and like to help people...

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  1. Measuring EQ and effects of EQ

  2. Measuring EQ Scaled a/c to intensity of shock or magnitude Rich ment EQ above magnitude of 5 on this scale is destructive ter scale is used for measure

  3. Seismograph frame wire -weight rotating drum vibrations base

  4. The Richter Scale Each level is 10x bigger than the previous Description Richter magnitudes Micro Very Minor 2.0-2.9 Minor Light Moderate 5.0-5.9 Strong Major Great Rarely Meteoric 10.0+ Less than 2 3.0-3.9 4.0-4.9 6.0-6.9 7.0-7.9 8.0-8.9 9.0-9.9

  5. Effects ofEQ 1. On landforms Ground shaking Differential ground settlement Land and mud slides Soil liquefaction Ground lurching Avalanches . 2. On life and properties Ground displacement Floods from dam and Levee failures Fires Structural collapse . Falling objects . Tsunami