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Earthquake and EQ waves (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the Earthquakes and Earthquake waves

Bhairavi Tidke
2nd year B. Tech. Student, Design head of Bombay technologist of ICT, dancer, painter, interested in research and like to help people...

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sir engineering mechanics ke lie best book bataiye please sir ,net me bahut sari books bata raha hai.
  1. Earthquakes & EQ waves Earthquake Seismic wave studies-layered interior of earth Earthquake-shaking of earth caused due to release of energy which generates the waves.

  2. Earthquake waves Recorded by seismograph. Two types of EQ waves- Body waves and surface waves Body waves-generated due to release of energy at focus & move in all di- rections travelling through body of earth. Body waves interacts with surface rocks to produce surface waves Surface waves moves along the surface and therefore it is more destruc- tive. . .

  3. Two types of body waves 1. P-wave- >moves faster->first to arrive at surface-> similar to sound waves->travel through all mediums ->speed order S>L>G. 2. S-wave->arrive at surface with time lag-> travel through solids on- ly-> more destructive.

  4. Epicentre Plate movement Focus Seismic waves

  5. P wave compressions dilations wave direction S wave wavelength

  6. Why does Earth shake? Release of energy along fault->pressing of overlying rock strata-> friction >deformation in rocks->sliding over each other Focus or Hypocenter-point where energy is released. Epicenter-point on the surface nearest to focus.