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Significance of Citizens Charter
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Siva Prasad
Alumni- Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore; Part of Harvard Business School CORe 2020 cohort; Telegram ID/Promo code - akmsiva

Unacademy user
sir are there any levels of the citizens charter as well? ( on basis of what all is included in citizens charter)
Siva Prasad
a year ago
No there are no levels. It is just a commitment, commitments vary from one government office to another
Smita Saraswat
a year ago
very well. thank you sir.
sir please make videos on governance and e-governance topics of gs paper2
  1. Citizen's Charters Siva Prasad

  2. Significance . It enhances accountability by providing citizens with a clear understanding of service delivery standards, including timetables, user fees for services, and options for grievance redress It increases organizational effectiveness and performance b making a public commitment to adhere to measurable service delivery standards It creates a way for both internal and external actors to objectively monitor service delivery performance It creates a more professional and client-responsive environment for service deliverv. . It fosters improvements in staff morale.

  3. It decreases opportunities for corruption and graft by increasing transparency and educating citizens about their rights. It increases government revenues by ensuring that the money citizens pay for services goes into the government's coffers (and not into employees' pockets). -

  4. Reasons for Failure The term Citizen's Charter has become a misnomer because in every govt dept it is prepared bv bureaucracy without involving stakeholders * Since it's a voluntary commitment to implement * Absence of awareness among citizens esp. in rural *Citizen's Charter doesn't define services & Citizen's Charter, these are never taken seriously areas about Citizen's Charter. standards in an objective & quantifiable term so that performance can be evaluated

  5. As described by 2nd ARC, Citizen's Charter are nothing but "pious Statements with noble intentions having no practical significance' Performance of bureaucracy in implementation of Citizen's Charter has no impact on their career advancement. There is no motivation for bureaucracy to implement it. Most of the Citizen's Charters are in English language which becomes difficult for people from rural areas to understand it .Recommendations of Social Audit Committees which help in preparing Citizen's Charters are only advisory in nature & not taken seriouslv. High levels of corruption in implementation as there is no accountability & improper grievance redressal mechanism

  6. *Failure to protect whistleblowers. Those members of CSO & SAC who makes corruption in implementation public are routinely killed by contractors. * Colonial attitude of bureaucracy due to which it has failed to understand the importance of Citizen's Charter in empowering of citizens. * All this has ultimately led to failure of development administration.

  7. Reforms . Making consultation with citizens mandatorv SAC be given proper training so that Citizen's Charter can be formulated effectively bv them Real time updation of info on the govt websites esp regarding allocation of finances Citizen's Charter can be formulated in vernacular languages. . Citizen's Charter should clearly specify outlays, time & output . Quality of services should be defined in objective terms. These should be defined on the basis of global standards.

  8. . Civil Services Code be amended to include effective implementation of Citizen's Charter as one of the parameters upon which their career advancement would depend . Proper accountability & Grievance Redressal Mechanism. . Citizen's Charter should come under purview of Lokpal Proper implementation of Whistleblowers (Protection) Act. . Citizen's Charter should be further expanded into People's Charter or Precariat Charter.

  9. Peoples' Charter & Precariat Charter In development administration, govt implements various developmental & welfare schemes for socially economically backward sections of the society e.g., govt provides food, education, health, etc to these sections. But the problem is govt is not accountable in providing quality services. Peoples' Charter can help these sections make govt accountable in ensuring quality service delivery mechanism In recent times, Precariat Charter has become an imp instrument to ensure participation & accountability

  10. . Because of LPG, govt. & private sector are keen on exploiting the natural resources of the country to ensure apid growth & development . It has created a strange situation wherein the govt. compromises the interest of poor sections of the society in the name of their own development. E.g., people from tribal areas rural areas whose sole livelihood is the land on which they have been residing for 100s of years are facing acquisition of land by the govt in the name of utilizing resources without providing them alternative source of livelihood Precariat Charters are an instrument to address these imbalances *

  11. Questions 1. "Right from the days of the 'Peoples' Charter' to the new concept of 'Precariat Charter', the concept of Citizen's Charter & its scope is constantly evolving". Comment. (2015) 2. "Citizen's Charter is the most important innovation in the context of promotion of customer orientation of administration". Discuss. (2003) Explain the basic principles underlying Citizen's Charter with special reference to: 3. (a) Its administrative philosophy (b) Promoting public accountability (c) Ensuring standards of public service