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Reforms for mkaing Citizens charter a success
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Siva Prasad
Alumni- Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore; Part of Harvard Business School CORe 2020 cohort; Telegram ID/Promo code - akmsiva

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Sir I think ur slide regarding original juradiction to Supreme Court is wrong.... Pls refer Laxmikant page no 337. There it is clearly written interstate water disputes does not belongs to original juradiction... If not pls correct me...
Balavigneshwari D
10 months ago
he has written that in exclude
Balavigneshwari D
10 months ago
he is correct only
bro your teaching was very good but u should have included recent legislation and supreme court judgements which could be linked with mains answers to boost up our marks
Siva Prasad
a year ago
Thank you for the suggestion Firdaus, I will definitely incorporate this in my future lessons. good luck :)
ur way of explaining is very nice
thank you so was an awesome course
example charter related to data protection
  1. Citizen's Charters Siva Prasad

  2. Contents . Introduction .Evolution . Features . Significance . Reasons for Failure Reforms . Peoples' Charter & Precariat Charter . Questions

  3. Reforms .Making consultation with citizens mandatory SAC be given proper training so that Citizen's Charter can be formulated effectively by them . Real time updation of info on the govt websites esp. regarding allocation of finances, . Citizen's Charter can be formulated in vernacular languages. . Citizen's Charter should clearly specify outlays, time & output. Quality of services should be defined in objective terms. These should be defined on the basis of global standards.

  4. Civil Services Code be amended to include effective implementation of Citizen's Charter as one of the parameters upon which their career advancement would depend Proper accountability & Grievance Redressal Mechanism .Citizen's Charter should come under purview of Lokpal Proper implementation of Whistleblowers (Protection) Act. Citizen's Charter should be further expanded into People's Charter or Precariat Charter. .

  5. Peoples' Charter & Precariat Charter * In development administration, govt implements various developmental & welfare schemes for socially & economically backward sections of the society e.g., govt provides food, education, health, etc to these sections. . But the problem is govt is not accountable in providing quality * Peoples' Charter can help these sections make govt accountable iin . In recent times, Precariat Charter has become an imp instrument Services ensuring quality service delivery mechanism to ensure participation & accountability

  6. . Because of LPG, govt. & private sector are keen on exploiting the natural resources of the country to ensure rapid growth & development, . It has created a strange situation wherein the govt. compromises the interest of poor sections of the society in the name of their own development, . .g., people from tribal areas & rural areas whose sole livelihood is the land on which they have been residing for 100s of years are facing acquisition of land by the govt in the name of utilizing resources without providing them alternative source of livelihood Precariat Charters are an instrument to address these imbalances.

  7. As part of Precariat Charter govt will ensure participation of stakeholders (farmers & tribals in this case) before taking any decision . . It will provide safety & security to their lives by ensuring that development is more equitable & inclusive.

  8. Questions "Right from the days of the 'Peoples' Charter' to the new concept of 'Precariat Charter', the concept of Citizen's Charter & its scope is constantly evolving". Comment. (2015) 1. 2."Citizen's Charter is the most important innovation in the context of promotion of customer orientation of administration". Discuss. (2003) Explain the basic principles underlying Citizen's Charter with special 3. reference to: (a) Its administrative philosophy (b) Promoting public accountability (c) Ensuring standards of public service