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Rules Of Narration You Must Know Part4(In Hindi)
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In this lesson there will be brief description of rules of narration with proper examples and explanation to make it easy to understand.

Shalini Bhatt
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9/10 and sir plz increase the no. of questions thank you so much for all of your efforts towards us.
Lokender Pal
2 years ago
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thanks you soo much for providing awesome lessons !
@6:07 "i" was going to Delhi???
  1. SHALINI BHATT(English Educator Teaching experience of 4 years BSC Honours Hobbies Reading novels, writing and painting Follow me on:

  2. NARRATION (Direct and Indirect speech) Presented by: SHALINI BHATT.

  3. NARRATION: The word narration means to say' or 'to assert'. Based on this any statement made by a speaker may be presented in two forms- 1) Direct speech 2) Indirect speech

  4. Direct speech-The statement is presented using similar words(according to context) Indirect speech-The statement is presented using our own words.

  5. Changing into Indiredt 1) 'said' is changed to (said, observed, remarked Eg-He said, ' I agree to it.' 2) 'said to' is changed to (said to, told, informed etc) pointed out, asserted, declared etc). He said that he agreed to it. He said to me, '1 am hungry. He told me that he was hungry.

  6. Changing into Indiredt INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES: 1)'said to'is converted to (ask, enquire of etc) 2) lf the reported speech contains a question in the form of (yes/no), we should add (iflwhether) before reported speech. Eg-Raman said to Anuj, Are you going to Delhi?' Raman asked Anuj (if/whether) I was going to Delhi.

  7. Changing into Indiredt INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES: 3) In case of 'or not' whether'is used. Eg-He said to me, are you coming or not?'(direct) He asked me whether l was going or not. (indirect) 4) He said to me, 'What do you want?' He asked me what I wanted.