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Rules of Narration You Must Know Part 1 (in Hindi)
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In this course there will be brief description of rules of narration with proper examples and explanation to make it easy to understand.

Shalini Bhatt
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very nice sir..please launch more such courses..
  1. SHALINI BHATT(English Educator Teaching experience of 4 years BSC Honours Hobbies Reading novels, writing and painting Follow me on:

  2. NARRATION (Direct and Indirect speech) Presented by: SHALINI BHATT.

  3. NARRATION: The word narration means to say' or 'to assert'. Based on this any statement made by a speaker may be presented in two forms- 1) Direct speech 2) Indirect speech

  4. Direct speech-The statement is presented using similar words(according to context) Indirect speech-The statement is presented using our own words.

  5. Rule1- Remove inverted comma in the indirect speech and add that' said, He eats an apple'.(Direct speech) said that he ate an apple.(Indirect Mohan Mohan speech)

  6. Rule2-When changing the presenttense of the reported speech into past tense, the words change as follows: Now This These Here Hence Thus Come Today Then That Those There Thence So Go Thatday To night Tomorrow Nextday Last night Ago That night The next day The following day The previous night Before

  7. Rule3-If the reported speech contains questions beginning with 'wh' ie who, what, why, when etc a conjunction is not used before the reported speech. Eg- He said to me, 'where do you live?" He asked me that where I lived.(incorrect) He asked me where I lived.(correct)

  8. Rule4. Don't change the tense of the verb in the reported speech if reporting verb is in present or future tense. 1) He says, 'He eats an apple.' He says that he eats an apple. 2) Ram will say, ' It always happens with me Ram will say that it always happens with him,