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Research Aptitude Practice Set #6 (in Hindi)
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Research Aptitude Practice Set Part 6

Kamalvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kamalvir Singh
NET JRF Qualified | Political Science ll YouTube Channel- Learn With Luciffer ll 2 Year Teaching Experience || A Spiritual Being

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amazing course sir
  1. Luciffer Kamalvir

  2. 51. sources of re-searchable problems can be include a. researchers own experience as educator b. practical issues that require solutions c. theory and past research d. all of the above

  3. Research Aptitude 250+ mcq Part 6

  4. 52. the introduction section of research plarn a, gives an overview of prior relevant studies b. contain a statement of the purpose of the study c. concludes with the statement of the research questions d. all of the above

  5. 53. which of the following is not the requirement of hypothesis a. be based on facts b. be conceivable c. contradict the knowledge of nature d. allow consequences to be deducted from it

  6. 54. the objective of a research can be writtern a.only in question form b. only in statement form c. both question and statement form d. in hypothetical form

  7. 55. for a proposition to be true, it should have the following characteristics except a, it must be objective b it must be in tune with accepted beliefs c. it must be consistent d. it must be testable

  8. 56. a statement that predicts the cause and effect relationships between variables is known as the a. null hypothesis b. experimental hypothesis c. independent variables d. dependent variables

  9. 57. to be confident that a cause and effect relationship exist , it is necessary to a. engage in naturalistic observatiorn b develop a positive correlation c. perform a controlled experiment d. test for a negative correlation

  10. 58. which of the following statement is correct a. objectives should be pin pointed b. objectives can be written in statemented or questions form c.another word for problem is variable d. all of these above