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Research Aptitude Practice Set #3 (in Hindi)
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Research Aptitude Practice Set Part 3

Kamalvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kamalvir Singh
NET JRF Qualified | Political Science ll YouTube Channel- Learn With Luciffer ll 2 Year Teaching Experience || A Spiritual Being

Unacademy user
your teaching way is very interesting.... comparison to topic make easier to remember... thanks ma'am ....also questions related to topic you teach at end of lectures
  1. Luciffer Kamalvir

  2. 21. a field experiment is one that takes place in a. real world b. laboratory c. both in real world and laboratory d naturalistic environment

  3. Research Aptitude 250+ mcq Part 3

  4. 22.characteristics of the scientific method necessarily include a. lab experiments only b. controlled observations c. analysis formulation d. none of the above

  5. 23. a correctional study determines a. the relationship between dependent or independent variable b. impact of the observer on the participant c. cause and effect relationship d. the relationship between two events

  6. 24. the qualitative research is usually a. deductive in nature b. inductive in nature c. deductive or inductive in nature d. none of the above

  7. 25. which of the following types of research is associated with theory generating a. inductive research b. deductive research c. both a and b d. none of the above

  8. 26. which of the following research is associated with the theory of testing a. inductive research b. deductive research c. both a and b d. none of the above

  9. 27.a non- government organization conducted a study in gram panchayat to see the impact of campaign approach on enrollment and retention of rural elementary school of children,this is an example of a. descriptive study b. field experiment c. ex-post facto research d historical research

  10. 28. the classification of studies into explanatory, descriptive,analytic or predictive research is based on a. logic of the research b. outcome of the research c. process of the research d. purpose of the research