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Research Aptitude Practice Set #21
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Research Aptitude Practice Set Part 21

Kamalvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kamalvir Singh
NET JRF Qualified | Political Science ll YouTube Channel- Learn With Luciffer ll 2 Year Teaching Experience || A Spiritual Being

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Thank you sitting nice video
Rohit Chaubey
a year ago
U r most welcome Niket, keep learning and must share, I will make more awesome lessons for u.
214 question I thing answer is D
  1. Luciffer Kamalvir

  2. 211. one of the preoccupations of of quantitative researches is with generalization which a sign of a. external validity b. internal readability c. external readability d. internal validity

  3. Research Aptitude 250+ mcq Part 21

  4. 212,population generalizability refers to a. conclusions researches make about a random sample b. conclusions researchers make about information uncovered in research study c. the degree to which a sample represents the population of interest d. the degree to which result of a study can be extended to other setting on condition

  5. 213. the degree to which result of the study can be extended to other setting or condition describes a. population generalizabilty b.conclusions researches make about a random sample c. conclusions researches make about information uncovered in research study d. ecological generalizability

  6. 214. the research design is a. a common method adopted by all researchers to carry out research b. the final choice between using qualitative or quantitative methods c. presentation of research finding d. a framework for every stage of the data collection and its analysis

  7. 215. recognizing our own values in pursuit of research in essential because a. it allows us to eliminate themm b. it allows us to honest with ourselves about what may influence our research C. at least we know what we can ignore d. it enable us to persuades other of our values

  8. 216. as the value of one variable is increasing the value of second variable is also increasing then the correlation coefficient will be a. positive b. negative C. Zero d. none of these above

  9. 217.which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises a, rationalism b, deductive reasoning c, inductive reasoning d, probabilistic

  10. 218. it is important that academics produce research produce that can be widely used and valued by academic community around the world this is termed as a. research impact b. citation impact c. ethics impact d. none of the above