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Research Aptitude Practice Set 27
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Research Aptitude Practice Set Part 27

Kamalvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kamalvir Singh
NET JRF Qualified | Political Science ll YouTube Channel- Learn With Luciffer ll 2 Year Teaching Experience || A Spiritual Being

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  2. 259. research in which the researcher uses the qualitative paradigm for one phase and the quantitative in another phase is known as a. action research n b. basic research c. quantitative research d. mixed method research

  3. 260. research that is done an event from the past is known as a. experimental research b. historic research c. replication d. archival research

  4. 261.the type of research is typically conducted by teachers counselors and other professionals to answer questions they have to specifically help them solve local problems a. action research b. basic research c. predictive research d. longitudinal research

  5. 262. which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from the set of premises a. rationalism b. deductive reasoning c. inductive reasoning d. probabilistic

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  7. 263. research that is done to examine the following finding to someone else using the same variables but different people, is which if the following a. exploration b. hypothesis c. replication d. empiricism

  8. 264. which variables are those that researcher chooses to study in order to asses their possible effects on one or more other variables a. dependent b. independent c. extraneous d. none of the above

  9. 265. one of the aim in scientific method in research is to a. improve data interpretation b. eliminate spurious relations c. confirm triangulation d. introduce new variables