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Research Aptitude Practice Set #15
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Research Aptitude Practice Set Part 15

Kamalvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kamalvir Singh
NET JRF Qualified | Political Science ll YouTube Channel- Learn With Luciffer ll 2 Year Teaching Experience || A Spiritual Being

Unacademy user
sir if all the bank will merge is there big loss in our economy?
Rishab Arora
a year ago
All the banks will not merge.
Ankita singh
a year ago
k sir thank u
  1. Luciffer Kamalvir

  2. 141. the research which is exploring new fact through the study of the past is callec a, philosophical research b. historical research c. mythological research d. content analysis

  3. Research Aptitude 250+ mcq Part 15

  4. 142. the scientific method can be used a. only in physical sciences such as physics and chemistry b. only in social sciences c.both in physical and social sciences d. none of the above

  5. 143. action research is a. an applied research b. a research carried out to solve immediate problems c. a longitudinal research d. stimulative researchh

  6. 144. in the method of naturalistic observation,there will be a. haphazard behaviors as its naturally occurs b. setting up the controlled by which they in cover casual element in behavior c. set out actively observe subject in their natural environments d. interview subject in different stages of life

  7. 145. which of the following bis the form of explanatory in which the researcher develops a theoretical model and empirically test the model to determine how well the model fits the data a. casual modelling b. predictive research c. descriptive research d. exploratory research

  8. 146. one of the aim in scientific method in research is to a. improve data interpretation b. eliminate spurious relations c. confirm triangulation d. introduce new variables

  9. 147.the term phenomenology is associated with the process of a. qualitative research b. analysis of variance c. correctional study d. probability sampling

  10. 148 which research approach is the most appropriate to establish a relation that is casual in nature a. casual comparative b. experimental c. co-relational d. descriptive