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Radioactivity (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with most important and previous years question of Radioactivity from different examination.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Founder of "The Selection Guru" Competitive Institute.Qualified:more than half a dozen govt.Exams.Youtube channels "UnBook" & "UnBook Talks"

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  1. Most important questions of Radioactivity

  2. 1)Radioactive substance(element) emits... BPSC 40 th - A)Alfa partial - B)Bita partial - C)Gama particl DJall

  3. Most important questions of Radioactivity

  4. 2)Who discover the evidence of Radioactivity - A)Henery Becquerel B)Marie Curie - C) Pierre Curie D) Goldstein

  5. Madam Curie-first woman to win Nobel prize In 1903 with Perrie and Becquerel. Discover Polonium and Radium Nobel prize for chemistry in 1911 -Only woman to win 2 Nobel prize.

  6. 3)SI unit of Radioactivity is... BSSC CGL M 2016 A) Becquerel B) Currie C)both - D]None

  7. 4) All Radioactive element after deceyed turns into... A) Cadmium - B)Zink -C)Lead D)Boron

  8. 5) Alfa ray/partial has.. - A) Negative charge - B) positive charge - C) neutral - DInone

  9. 5. Ga ma