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How to find Oxidation number of element(in hindi)
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This lesson deals with how to find Oxidation number and Oxidation state of any element in any compound.which is frequently asked in Railway,ssc,Capf,cds,nda,state pcs exams

Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Founder of "The Selection Guru" Competitive Institute.Qualified:more than half a dozen govt.Exams.Youtube channels "UnBook" & "UnBook Talks"

Unacademy user
The answer of the question you asked will be Rajnath Singh. Am I right or Am I right ?
Vivek kumar
a year ago
absolutely right my dear
welcome. keep watching. comment if you have any doubt and also give valuable suggestion to improve quality of lessons
  1. Q.Atoms in their elemental state ave oxidation number. A)0 B)1 C)2 D)-1

  2. Which element has same Oxidation no. in all of its compound. Cds2002 A) carbon B) fluorine C) Hydrogen D) oxygen

  3. whatis Oxidation o of Crin ompound? A)+6 C)+7 D)-7

  4. 12-0

  5. What is Oxidation state ofin KMnO4. A)+2 C)+7 D)-7

  6. What is Oxidation state of in F2..