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Oxidation and Reduction(in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with important questions on Oxidation and reduction which are important for different examination.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Founder of "The Selection Guru" Competitive Institute.Qualified:more than half a dozen govt.Exams.Youtube channels "UnBook" & "UnBook Talks"

Unacademy user
Full of knowledge and very beneficial for students thank you sir
ghatnachakra me to diya hai ki increase ho jata hai iron ka weight...
Explanation is good. but upload rate is slow... make one course on biology
I have to do another job thats why it takes time I will definitely try to upload on regular basis . for biology ,when time will permit me I will make . thanks for your valuable suggestion
I have made course on watch and give suggestion to improve quality of lessons
Atul Araps Singh
2 years ago
  1. Important questions on oxidation and reduction.

  2. 1)Tendency to loose electron is called.. A) Oxidation B) Reduction C) Catalyst D) None

  3. Important questions on oxidation and reduction.

  4. 2) Tendency to gain election is called A) Oxidation B) Reduction C) Oxidising agent D) Reducing agent

  5. LeO GeR LeO-loose of electron(Reducing agent) Ex-All metels Na.Mg etc - GeR-gain of electron. (Oxidising agent) ex-all non metals CI,N etc

  6. 3) Aluminium behaves as.. A) Oxidising agent B) Reducing agent C) Catalyst D) All

  7. 4) Hydrogen behaves as... A) Oxidising agent B) Reducing agent C) Galvanisation D) None

  8. 5) Rusting on iron is an example of .. - A) Oxidation B) reduction - c) galvanising D)none