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Atomic Structure: Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with most important and previous years questions of atomic structure.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Founder of "The Selection Guru" Competitive Institute.Qualified:more than half a dozen govt.Exams.Youtube channels "UnBook" & "UnBook Talks"

Unacademy user
sir reasoning ka course English mai dalo sir please please please please ye meri request hai
Ravi Siri i have one daut in Q-8, i think Atomic mass= total mass of protons and neutrons.
I have deal the same Ritesh. Nucleon=total number of neutron and proton present in nucleus of an atom. And Atomic mass= sum of neutron and proton present in nucleus. so we can also say Atomic mass= no. of nucleon. if u have further doubt then please ask.
Ritesh Rai
a year ago
thank you so much sir..
sir aapke samjhane ka tareeka bahot hi achha h..!
thanks for appreciation Aman keep watching keep learning. there are lots to know.
  1. Most important and previous years questions of atomic structure 6 0

  2. 6)Who gave "Atomic theory". ? A)john Dalton B) Einstein -C)Madam Curie D)None

  3. 7)Who is father of Modern CHEMISTRY? A)Wohler - B) Lavoisier - C)Alfred Nobel - D)J.H. Van't hoff

  4. Father of Modern CHEMISTRY Antoi Laurent de

  5. 8) Atomic mass of atom is... A)No. of Nucleon in Nucleus - B)No of proton - C)No of proton D)No of electron

  6. 9)If in an atom has 9 electron,9 proton and 10 neutron then atomic mass of atom wil be. A)9 B)10 C)18 D)19

  7. 10) Neutral atom has same no of election and no of proton. A)right -B) wrong - C) sometimes - DInone