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Quit India Movement (in Hindi)
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This lesson has wide description of Quit India Movement in respect to Bihar. It is important for BPSC PT and mains exam.

Kumar Madhukar
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thank u sir please solve some impotent question too .
  1. Quit India Movement in Bihar Failure of the Cripps Mission in 1942 caused actions by Indian People in form of Quit India Movement. Quit India Movement was launched in 8 August, 1942. Maximum top leaders of India were arrested in the morning of 9 August, hence the quit india movement became leaderless. Similarly Rajendra Prasad was also arrested on 09 August, 1942. The district Magistrate who arrested him was W.G Archer. Students displayed their anger in the form of agitation on road and moved toward legislative building of Patna to unfurl Indian National Flag. But Police, with the order of W.G.Archer, fired on students and killed 7 young students. Seven (7) students were Ramgovind Singh, Ramanand Singh, Rajendra Singh, Jagpati Kumar, Satish Parasad Jha, Umakant Sinha and Deviprasad Chowdhary.

  2. Against the cruel firing, whole city came under complete strike. One meeting was arranged under the presidentialship of Jagat Narayan Lal and decided to launch straight attack on the system. So, damaging to official building, government building, stations, and disconnecting communication such transport, telephone, post office, etc. .Whole Bihar under fire and arsenal incidnets Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan played significant role in this movement and took the movement to higher scale. Rammanohar Lohiya also important role in this movement Youth training centre, named Azad Dasta' was opened in Nepal forest under his guidance and leadership. It had national as well as local offices. . Nepal training centre was started under the direction of Sardar Nityanand Singh who trained first batch of 25 Bihar youths. Bhagalpur and Purnea was also organising such secret organisation.

  3. Parallel Government Parallel Government

  4. Violent incidents occurred in various regions as we have seen in the Bihar Map They are: . Siwan . Saran Fulena Prasad Shrivastava - Jaglal Choudhary Kulanand Vedic and Karpuri Thakur Darbhanga Shayam Bihari Lal Dhruv Kumar (13 years old) - Katihar - Gaya . Dumraon Kapil Muni Parallel government like structure: . Tirhut- two months * Amarpur (Banka) -National Government set up Champaran - separate government