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Facts of modern history (in Hindi)
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This lesson has details of important facts and incidents occurred in Bihar during freedom struggle of India.

Kumar Madhukar
My YouTube: KM Learning (contact - 7977012627)

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it really clears all doubts and great for revision as well... keep going!!
excellent class i appreciate your efforts..
Kumar Madhukar
7 months ago
Thsnks my dear friend Ali. Keep watching.
lectures are to the point and well explained. we really appreciate your efforts.
Kumar Madhukar
a year ago
thanks Saket..
Very good lectures sir.
Kumar Madhukar
10 months ago
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  1. Important Historical Events/Facts .Wahabi Movement 1828-1868 Noniya Movement - 1770-1800 (Hazipur, Tirhut, Saran and Purnea) Lota Movement - 1856 Bihar Times published by Mahesh Narayan in 1894 for separate State. Thakurdas. He also started ' the Motherland". and Praful Chaki. Kudiram Bose hanged on 11 August, 1908. . Ramkrishna society was set up in Patna in 1906-07 by Babaji . Kingsford bomb attack in Muzaffarpur 1908 by Kudiram Bose

  2. A branch of Anushilan Committee was set up by Shachindranath Shanyal in Patna in 1913. Bhavani Mandir Revolutionaly Association was set up by Bhupendra Nath Durtt in Patna. . Congress Annual Session in 1922 at Gaya - C R Das . Swaraj party, set up by Motilal Nehru and CR Das, was also set up by Shri Narayan Prasad( being first president, and Abdul Bari as General Secretary) in 1923. and Ramanand Mishra in 1931. Officially set up in 1934 in Anjuman Islamiya Hall Associated persons were Acharya Narendradev, Jaiprakash Narayan, . Bihar Socialist Party - by Gangasharan Sinha, Rambriksha Benipuri Yogendra Shukla, Abdul Bari, Karpuri Thakur, Basavan Singh.

  3. .Bihar Provincial Forward Block' working committee meeting in Patna in 1940 Patna Youth Association set up by Manindra Rai in 1927. .First Indian governor of Bihar - Satyendra Prasanna Sinha after separation of Bihar(in 1920) from Bengal in 1912 Individual Satyagraha - 1940; Shri Krishna Singh was the first and Shri Anugrah Narayan Singh as the second persons to join it. Associated persons were Gaurishankar Singh (Gaya), Shyam Narayan Singh (Silao), Priyavada Devi, Jagat Rani Devi, Janki Devi (Gaya), etc