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Questions Based on Resources, Land, Soil and Water
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Question 1-10: Questions based on resources, Land, soil and water.

Avanish Utsav
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication , Blogger and poetry lover, Teaching is my passion nothing else.

Unacademy user
sir 2 nd question mistake undo onnu explain cheythu tarumo
Last option for the vultures question is ambiguous . Please elucidate.
Avanish Utsav
2 years ago
When animals treated with diclofenac dies vultures feed them and it results into their kidney failure ....this is all which the question needs ... Hope it is now clear to you :) Thanks for asking :)
its wild fauna and flora ..the fullform of CITES
Aarifa Nadeem
a year ago
Sir I am not able to find 9th NCERT quiz
Avanish Utsav
2 years ago
Please refer to my profile... now you will get both Hindi and English language☺ Thanks@ Sai
  1. MCQ's Geography Class 8th NCERT Presented By: Avanish Utsav

  2. About me B.Tech in ECE from AKTU Founder at Loves teaching, Blogging, poetry and Music Loves teaching. Blogging. poetry and Music Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. 1) Consider the following about resources: Anything that can be used to satisfy our need is a resource 1. 2. 3. 4. Utility or usability is what that makes an object a resources All the resources have a economic value A beautiful landscape and metal both are resources Select the correct option a) Only 1 b) Only 2 c) 1, 2 and 4 d) 1,2 and 3

  4. Ans: C All resources have some value. Some resources have economic value and some have not. e.g Metals may have an economic value while a beautiful landscape may not have.

  5. 2) What is the term that is used for thee exclusive right over any idea or invention: a) Discoverer b) Patent c) Copyright d) Inventor

  6. Ans: B Fact Based

  7. 3) Consider the statements: 1. Humans are ultimate resource 2. It is their ideas, inventions, knowledge and discoveries that leads to creation of more resources Select the correct option a) Statement 1 is true and 2 is false b) Statement 2 is true and 1 is false c) Statement 1 and 2 both are true and 2 explains 1 d) Statement 1 and 2 both are true but don't explains 1

  8. Ans: C Self Explanatory

  9. 4) Choose a statement which is incorrect about natural resource: These are those resources that are obtained from nature and are used without much modification a) The air we breathe, water in our rivers and lakes, the soil are examples of natural resources b) Natural resources are defined into different groups depending upon fheir level of developmenf and use, origin, sfock and distribution c) Buildings, bridges, roads and machinery are the examples of natural resource d)

  10. Ans: D Buildings, Bridges, roads and machinery are not natural resources because natural resources are obtained from nature and are used without much modification.

  11. Ans: D Actual resources are those resources whose entire quantity is known and are being used in the present. Potential resources are those resources whose entire quantity may not be known and these are not being used at present.

  12. Ans: D All the three options listed here are correct and all are correctly stating the type of trees and their distribution based on availability of rainfall and moisture.

  13. Ans: C CITES (Convention on International trade in Endangered species of Flora and Fauna) is an International agreement between the government of states.

  14. 9) Select the correct statement about vultures in Indian Subcontinent: 1. They were dying because of kidney failure 2. Reason behind the kidney failure was due to scavenging livestock a. Vuture Due to is ablity of scavenging act as a nafural cleaner treated with Diclofenac which is a painkiller Vulture Due to its ability of scavenging act as a natural cleaner 3. Select the correct options: a) 1 only b) 1 and 2 c) 2 and 3 d) 1,2 and 3

  15. Ans: D Vultures in Indian subcontinent were dying because of kidney failure shortly after scavenging livestock treated with Diclofenac a painkiller that is similar to aspirin and ibuprofen, efforts are now on to ban the drug.