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Questions Based on Industries and their Locations
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Question 51-60: Questions based on Industries and their locations.

Avanish Utsav
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication , Blogger and poetry lover, Teaching is my passion nothing else.

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sir plz give more about AFCAT and CDS also..
Nikhil Kumar
a year ago
sure... making one course take some time. wait till monday for next course
Nikhil Kumar
a year ago
Hey check out some new lessons on my Profile
please write what you speak try to
try to make ppt carefully
Question number two shows wrong answer.. U have explained it right but in answer it's written wrong
very helpful. thanks sir
Avanish Utsav
2 years ago
Thanks @santu santra
  1. MCQ's Geography Class 8th NCERT Presented By: Avanish Utsav

  2. About me B.Tech in ECE from AKTU Founder at Loves teaching, Blogging, poetry and Music Loves teaching. Blogging. poetry and Music Follow me on Unacademy at:

  3. 1) Between the mines of Minnesota and Pittsburgh which waterway is situated: Portland canal b) Mississippi waterway c) Great lakes d) Hood canal a) Portland canal

  4. Ans: C Self Explanatory

  5. 2) Match the city which are famous for the given fabrics: 1. Dhaka 2. Masulipatanam 3. Calicut 4. Burhanpur a) Gold wrought cotton b) Muslins c) Chintz d) Calicos a) b) c) d) Select the correctly matched pair 1-a, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a 1-d, 2-a, 3-b, 4-C 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

  6. Ans: B 1. Dhaka 2. Masulipatanam 3. Calicut 4. Burhanpur a) Muslins b) Gold wrought cotton c) Calicos d) Chintz

  7. 3) When and where the first successful mechanized textile mill was established: a) Calicut in 1857 b) Mumbai in 1854 c) Kolkata in 1818 d) Surat in 1819

  8. Ans: B First textile mill in the country was established in the Fort Gloster near Kolkata in 1818 but it closed down after sometime. O in this way first successful mechanized textile mill was established in Mumbai, 1854.

  9. 4) Consider the following statements: Ahmedabad is referred as "Manchester of India" 1. 2. Tokyo is known as "Manchester of Japan" Select the correct statement a) Only 1 is correct b) Only 2 is correct c) Both are correct d) Both are incorrect

  10. Ans: A Osaka is known as Manchester of Japan" not Tokyo

  11. Ans: C | Shinsei Hospital / Suita yonaka- Suita Kandai Mae 15 Neyagawa Shonawate IYAKOJIMA WARD Daito t City Office

  12. Ans: C Fact based

  13. Ans: C Silicon valley is part of Santa Clara valley and Simpson valley is famous for big vineyards.

  14. 9) Land is used for growing food and crops and rearing livestock also is called: a) Mixed farming b) Intercropping c) Plantation agriculture d) Commercial grain farming

  15. Ans: A In Mixed Farming land is used for growing food and fodder crop and rearing livestock also. Europe, Eastern USA, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa are the regions where mixed farming is practticed.