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Questions : #3 & #4 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson solve questions #3 & #4 from the question paper of IIT JEE MAINS 2017 - Set A

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Kumar Ketan
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sir my life has been aa account of failures I have not cracked even STATE ENTRANCE TEST IN MY 12TH NOR I WENT TO A GLORIOUS COLLEGE I am. an average with many serious mistakes I my life I want to ask you if I have evolved my knowledge and am interested seriously into this exam I am trying hard but will these failures ruin my current standard when I do not come from any good college NCC or meritorious background ever?
Sweta Sinha
2 years ago
Shriya, start with small steps like working in your writing skill cause it took me some minutes to understand what you meant to write. Always take one step at a time, big college or degree won't matter, what matters is perseverance and this is something no big shoot college teach.
Shubham Tyagi
a year ago
so what i've like 6 compartment or backs in my btech degree till my 3rd year, but when came about cracking upsc, im very much assured that I can do so upto my merit.. see this exam doesn't have any connection about Ur background wether it is studies or anything.. the only thing it wants is a real genuine cause for doing so and with a determinant hardwork of a person with his both eyes open... so don't let Urself down from the things happened in past... what u have to do is just pump up Urself for this new beginning of Ur my case during my preparation whenever I got demotivated because of harsh competition from meritorious ppl around the country..m I used to say that " THIS IS MY ARENA".. gudluck nd go ahead
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  3. IIT JEE 2017 PHYSICS Q. #1 to Q. #30 INDIAN IAN INSTITUTE Complete Paper Solution

  4. Question 3 A body of mass m -10 kg is moving in a medium and experiences a frictional force F -kv2. Its initial speed is vo- 10 ms-1. If, after 10 s, its energy is 1/8mvo2 the value of k will be (1) 10-3 kgm-1 (2)10-3 kgs1 (3) 10-4 kgm1 (4 10-1 kgm-1s-1

  5. 2 4 to f 0 1812 12 Vo-2 k, k

  6. Question4 A time dependent force F- 6t acts on a partice of mass 1 kg, f the particle starts from rest, the work done by the force during the first 1 second will be (1) 4.5 J (2) 22 J (3) 9 J (4) 18J

  7. dv dt Sol. 6 1. t2 2 3 ms-1 2

  8. Question 5 The moment of inertia of a uniform cylinder of length ( and radius R about its perpendicular bisector is I. What is the ratio e /R such that the moment of inertia is minimum? 1/3 2 (3) 1 N/2

  9. 3 32-32 2 2 3

  10. Question 6 A slender uniform rod of mass M and length l is pivoted at one end so that it can rotate in a vertical plane (see figure). There is negligible friction at the pivot. The free end is held vertically above the pivot and then released. The angular acceleration of the rod when it makes an angle with the vertical is 3g sin 20 2g 3t (2) in 3g 2g -cos 20 (4) COs6 30 (3)

  11. Question 7 The variation of acceleration due to gravity g with distance d from centre of the earth is best represented by (R Earth's radius):

  12. Question 8 A copper ball of mass 100 gm is at a temperature t. It is dropped in a copper calorimeter of mass 100 gm, filled with 170 gm of water at room temperature. Subsequently, the temperature of the system is found to be 75 C. T is given by: (Given : room temperature 30 C, specific heat of copper 0.1 cal/gm C) (1) 800 C (2) 885 C (3) 1250 C (4) 825 C

  13. V K _3 AV Vo

  14. Question 10 Cpand Cp are specific heats at constant pressure and constant volume respectively. It is observed that Cp - Cp- a for hydrogen gas and Cp C-b for nitrogen gas. The correct relation between a and b is 14 (2) ab (3) a - 14b (4) a - 28b

  15. Sol. Let molar heat capacity at constant pressure Xp and molar heat capacity at constant volume X -q- pM For hydrogen; a = For N2; b = 2 28 = 14 a= 14bl