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Questions : #26, #27 & #28 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll solve questions #26, #27 & #28 from the question paper of IIT JEE MAINS 2017 - Set A

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sir csir ke class time kya hai
sir last questn me ans option b kyu h option a hona chahiye na kyunki waha omega m jo h wo negligible h toh hum use hatayenge na modulated wave se questn me pucha ki konsa component nhi ht oh option a hona chahiye na sir.. plz explain this sir
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  3. IIT JEE 2017 PHYSICS Q. #1 to Q. #30 INDIAN IAN INSTITUTE Complete Paper Solution

  4. Question 26 A radioactive nucleus A with a half life decays into a nucleus B. At t =0, there is no nucleus B. At sometime t, the ratio of the number of B to that of A is 0.3. Then, t is given by T log2 (1)2log13 log1.3 (2)tog.2 (3)t -Tlog(1.3) log(1.3) (4) t =

  5. N-0.3 Sol. N,e -At -xt At= In 1.3 ( )-In 1.3 T In(1.3) In 2 Tlog(13) log2 t=

  6. Question 27 In a common emitter amplifier circuit using an n-p-n transistor, the phase difference between the input and the output voltages will be (2) 90% (3) 135 (4) 180%

  7. Sol. In common emitter configuration for n-p-n transistor, phase difference between output and input voltage is 180

  8. Question 28 In amplitude modulation, sinusoidal carrier frequency used is denoted by c and the signal frequency is denoted by wm. The bandwidth Aom m of the signal is such that Acom c. which of the following frequencies is not contained in the modulated wave? (1) om

  9. Sol. Modulated wave has frequency range. .. Since C> . o is excluded