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Questions : #29 & #30 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson we'll solve questions #29 & #30 from the question paper of IIT JEE MAINS 2017 - Set A

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mam what is difference between statement assumptions and statement conclusion
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  3. IIT JEE 2017 PHYSICS Q. #1 to Q. #30 INDIAN IAN INSTITUTE Complete Paper Solution

  4. Question 29 Which of the following statements is false? 1) Wheatstone bridge is the most sensitive when all the four resistances are of the same order of magnitude 2) In a balanced Wheatstone bridge if the cell and the galvanometer are exchanged, the null point is disturbed 3) A rheostat can be used as a potential divider 4) Kirchhoff's second law represents energy conservation

  5. Sol. In a balanced Wheatstone bridge, the null point remains unchanged even if cell and galvanometer are interchanged.

  6. Question 30 The following observations were taken for determining surface tension T of water by capillary method; diameter of capillary, D1.25 x 10-2 m, rise of water, h-1.45 x 10-2 m. Using g-9.80 m/s2 and the simplified relation T x 103 N/m the possible error in surface tension is closest to (1) 0.15% (2) 1.5% (3) 2.4% (4) 10%

  7. AD Ah Sol. -x100=-x100 +- 100 0.01 1.25 100 100 125 145 0.01 1.45 x100x1 -0.8 0.689 = 1.489 1.5%