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Questions : #10 & #11 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson solve questions #10 & #11 from the question paper of IIT JEE MAINS 2017 - Set A

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  3. IIT JEE 2017 PHYSICS Q. #1 to Q. #30 INDIAN IAN INSTITUTE Complete Paper Solution

  4. Question 10 Cpand Cp are specific heats at constant pressure and constant volume respectively. It is observed that Cp - Cp- a for hydrogen gas and Cp C-b for nitrogen gas. The correct relation between a and b is 14 (2) ab (3) a - 14b (4) a - 28b

  5. Sol. Let molar heat capacity at constant pressure Xp and molar heat capacity at constant volume X -q- pM For hydrogen; a = For N2; b = 2 28 = 14 a= 14bl

  6. Question 11 The temperature of an open room of volume 30 m3 increases from 17 C to 27 C due to the sunshine. The atmospheric pressure in the room remains 1 x 105 Pa. If n and ni are the number of molecules in the room before and after heating, then nr n will be (1) -1.61 x 1023 (2) 1.38 x 1023 (3) 2.5 x 1025 (4)-2.5 x 1025

  7. Sol. ninitial number of moles PV 10 x301.24x10 n RT1 3 RT 8.3 x 290 n2 final number of moles PV 10 x 30 RT2 8.3 x 300 1.20 x 10 Change of number of molecules n, n(n2-n)x 6.023 x 1023 a 2.5 x 1025

  8. Question 12 A particle is executing simple harmonic motion with a time period T. At time t = 0, it is at its position of equilibrium. The kinetic energy-time graph of the particle wil look like: KE KE (3) - 2 2 KE KE 4 2

  9. Sol. K.Emo A2 cos2 cot 2 KE I T

  10. Question 13 An observer is moving with half the speed of light towards a stationary microwave source emitting waves at frequency 10 GHz. What is the frequency of the microwave measured by the observer? (speed of light 3 x 108 ms-1) (1) 10.1 GHz (2) 12.1 GHz (3) 17.3 GHz (4) 15.3 GHz

  11. Question 14 An electric dipole has a fixed dipole moment p, which makes angle 8 with respect to x-axis. When subjected to an electric field E1 Ei, it experiences a torque T1=t. When subjected to another electric field E23Ei it experiences a torque The angle is T2 =-T1 . (1) 30 (2) 45 (3) 60 (4) 90

  12. Question 15 A capacitance of 2uF is required in an electrical circuit across a potential difference of 1.0 kV. A large number of 1uF capacitors are available which can withstand a potential difference of not more than 300 V. The minimum number of capacitors required to achieve this is (2) 16 (3) 24 (4) 32