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Problems on Difference of Ratio (in Hindi)
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Problems based on difference of ratio

Sarwar Imam is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sarwar Imam
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book kon sa use karenge for practice
gud explanation गुरु जी
Thank you sir..Nice trick and concept
  1. Problems on Age (Problems Related to Difference of Ratio) by Sarwar Sir Follow me ntkhando9

  2. No x No Trick No Formula Only Concept My Slogan is 66THINK Without INK Sarwar Sir 2

  3. Target Audience Bank Clerk Bank PO SSC . Railway CAT, MAT etc and other competitive exams Sarwar Sir

  4. One Concept for All Basic Problems Equalise the GIVEN Multiply the REQUIRED

  5. The current age difference of Arjun and Varun is 12 years and their ratio is 4:7. Find the present age of Arjun.

  6. The ratio of current age of A and B is 3:8. 4 years before their age difference was 15 years. Find the present age of B.

  7. The ratio of current age of A and B is 17:20. 14 years hence their age difference will 6 years. Find the sum of their present age.

  8. The current age difference of A and B is 12 years and 4 years before their ratio was 3:4. The age of A is 2 more than twice of C. Find the age current Age of A = 36 +4-40 Current Age of C = (40-2) x 1/2 = 19

  9. 10 years hence Abram's age will 5 times of his 10 years ago age. Find his current age.

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