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Based on Simple Arithmetical Calculation - 1 (in Hindi)
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These questions are based on basic arithmetical problems

Sarwar Imam is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sarwar Imam
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Unacademy user
B pharmacy k leye kaya padhu entrance exam ko phase karna hai
Swasti Nagar
2 years ago
I guess all exams are not combined with Neet! focus on NCERT first.
thank you for your guidance sir but spelling of the nobita's name is wrong #thank_you_SIR
Sarwar Imam
a year ago
tq for your feedback. please tell me that what is original spelling and what I typed.
  1. Problems on Age (Based on simple arithmetical calculation-1) by Sarwar Sir Follow me heroKhano09 tps: /

  2. Target Audience Bank Clerk Bank PO SSC . Railway CAT, MAT etc and other competitive exams Sarwar Sir

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  6. 5 years ago, age of Navya was 10 years. At present, Janvi is double of her age. Find current age of Janvi. aNvi Cu Sarwar Sir

  7. Taimax Io 1 Saif is 5 year elder than the Karina. Saif's age is 4 times that of Taimur. If the age of Taimur is 10 years then find the Karina's age. 8 Sarwar Sir

  8. Current age of Aradhya is 8yz years. 4 year hence her age will be double of Taimur's that time. Find current age of Taimur. Sarwar Sir

  9. Joysuya, g3% 8 years ago Lara was twice as old as Jaisurya. If Lara is now 20 years, then what is the present age of Jaisurya? Cam (4- Sarwar Sir

  10. 30 After 10 years Harry's age will be 30 years. Today Sejal's age is 4 vears less than Harry's age. 5 years hence, Sejal will be 3 years younger than Karina. What was Karina's age 4 years before? Sarwar Sir