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Introduction to Age (in Hindi)
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Introduction of Problems on Age

Sarwar Imam is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sarwar Imam
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Unacademy user
good explanation but more numericals could have been given
Debasmita Das
2 years ago
Thank you for your suggestion. I'd like to tell you that a lesson on unacademy can't exceed 15 minutes. So I had to keep the lesson within 15 minutes. And I prefer quality over quantity. I preferred to explain few questions well rather than hurriedly solving a lot of questions. I tried to include a variety of questions to strengthen concepts, but one shouldn't entirely depend on a 15 minute lesson for numericals. I have suggested in the beginning as well as end of this lesson that learners must practice from different books as well as previous year question papers.
the product of age of a+b is 200.five years later product of thr age is 375. sum of their age is,,,?
Ravi ranjan
a year ago
sir I want ans according to ur concept,,,,
Sarwar Imam
a year ago
can't do because there is multiplication of ratio.
This the best concept.
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