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Basic Algebraic Questions (in Hindi)
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In this section we have discussed about algebric problems related to Age

Sarwar Imam is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sarwar Imam
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Unacademy user
1 2 question high level wala bhi karwa dete ..
Sarwar Imam
a year ago
Exam questions on age problem me dala hua hai
Add exam questions of bank PO, ssc cgl and clerk
Sarwar Imam
a year ago
Already added in separate course. Use keyword : "exam questions " while searching
Appreciate your dedicated efforts.Thank you
one of d best teacher..thank u so much sir itne din se samjh hi nahi raha tha..ab pura smjh gaya thank u sir 😊😊😊
Sarwar Imam
a year ago
tq Ravina for your awesome feedback. Please keep watching and ask your friends and colleagues to watch my videos. Keep watching and learning.
a year ago
sure sir
sir aap apne course me type bhi batate chaliye... type 1, type 2, type 3 etc...taki course end hote tak students ko pta chal jaye k overall kitne types k ques bante hai particular topics se.. In the end your teaching style is aswm...
Sarwar Imam
2 years ago
jitna video, utna type.. ek lesson me ek type and us per 4 questions kisi kisi lesson me 2 type aur each pe 2 question
  1. Problems on Age (Algebraic Questions) by Sarwar Sir Follow me hecosoo09 tps: /

  2. Target Audience Bank Clerk Bank PO SSC . Railway CAT, MAT etc and other competitive exams Sarwar Sir

  3. Pre-Start Concepts

  4. Let's Start

  5. Sum of age of the Mother and daughter is 45 and their age difference is 25. Find daughter's age. 5 Sarwar Sir

  6. R T 3TR ZT 25 P49-R=2.5 oft? The present age of Athiya is one-fourth that of her father Sunil. After 6 years, the Sunil's age will be twice the age of Varun. If Varun celebrated his fifth birthday 8 year ago, what is the Athiya's Present age? 6 Sarwar Sir

  7. 82 (j)X2-(j) n+ 2): (64- If two times of the daughter'sage in years is included to the mother's age, the total is 56 and if two times of the mother's age is includedto the daughter's age, the total is 82. What is the current Mother's age? M +20_56 Sarwar Sir

  8. 31 3: 2 cTET The age ratio of Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt is 3:2 and product of their age is 150. What is current age of Alia? 67 150 8 Sarwar Sir

  9. The age of Vijay is thrice of Mohan. 10 year hence, Vijay will be 5 year more than the twice of Mohan. Find their current age. Sarwar Sir

  10. 3+2 The Father's age 2yrs more than the thrice of Daughter's age. Syrs hence, the father will be 7 more than the twice of his daughter's age. Find he daughter's present age. Sarwar Sir