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Prefix and Suffix (in Hindi)
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Study of chemical prefix and suffix. Very important for IUPAC naming. In this lecture will learn how to use prefix and suffix. Also learn how we can classify these into primary and secondary.

Vishwa Vivek Sharma
verified & star educator|| IIT-JEE NEET|| 5+ year experience|| hindi & English medium ||Chemistry || youtube- "Sharmaji education"

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  1. IUPAC NOMENCLATURE Prefix& Suffix y, Er. Vishwa Vivek Sharma (Chemical Engineer)

  2. About me Er Vishwa Vivek Sharma . Chemical Engineer IET MJPRU Bareilly Passionate about teaching . Educator at Sharmaji Education Educator at Sharmaji Education e Poem and article writing is my hobby. . Follow me on unacademy.

  3. Practice Question Identify the no. of carbon in main skeleton? C-3 C-6 C-8 C=5 C-5

  4. Suffix:There aretwo types of suffixesuiz. primary and secondary. (h Primary suffixes:The degree of unsturation or saturation in the carbon chain is indicated by primary sufixes.The primary suffixesfor the various saturated and unsaturated carbon chains are mentioned below. Nature of C chain Primary suffix Itis added after the word rot, viz.ethane, ethene, ethyne etc ane ene ne Incase the parentcarbon chain ontains two, thre,four or more double or triple bonds, numerical reives such as di(tor two),tr for three, ero for our)jetc are aded to the primary suffx. For example,-diene (or two double bonds),-triyne forthree triple bonds)

  5. () Secondary suffixes: Suffixes,added afterthe primary suffx to indicate the particular functional group groups) present in the carbon chain, areknown as secondary suffxes. Secondary suffixes for some important functional groups are given below. Class Secondary suffix -amide alkyl...-oate -nitrile -thiol -amine Functional group Functional SecondaryClass suffix group -0H -CHO Alcohols Aldehydes Ketones Carboxylic acids Acid chlorides Acid amides -CONH Esters Nitriles Thiols -0 COOR -CN -SH -NH -one -COOH -COCI-oyl chlorideAmines -oic acid

  6. IUPAC Formulae of compound Word root Primary Secondary suffix suffix name CH,CH,OH CH,CH,COOH CH,NH2 CH, = CHCHO CH CCOOH Eth Prop Meth ro Prop Prop ane ane ane ene yne ane 0l oic acid amine al 01c acid nitrile Ethanol Propanoic acid Methanamine Propenal Propynoic acid Propaneitrile CH,CH,CN Note that in all examples except the last the terminal 'e of the primary suffix has ben re starts with a vowel, while in the last the secondary suffix (nitrile) starts with a consonant primary suffix has been retained t the last the terminal 'e of the primary suffix has ben removed because the secondary sufir wel, while in the last the secondary suffix (nitrile) starts with a consonant and hence the terminal 'e of the

  7. PrePreixes are used toindiate (0 the cyolic nature of the compound and i) the nature ofthe substituent preaeaton the paretchain. Thus like uie prefixes are of wo typesnamely primary andsecondary i) Primaryprex Teprimaryprefixcycloisaddedbefret ewordrottindi ate the cyc entre Prefr Prefires are usedto ateenature ofthecompound and (ih the nature ofthe substituent carbon skeleton,e.g. H2C-CH2 Primaryprefix Wordroot HC-CH In case the compound is acyclic (open chain), no primary prefix is used Primary prefix Word root Prim. suff ec uffx IUPACname Cyclobutane Cyclo but ane

  8. (#l) Secondary prefix. The groups which arenot considered as functional groups, in IUPAC system of nomenclature, but regarded as substituents are called secondary prefixes. These are added before the word root in case of acyclic compounds and before the primary suffix in case of cyclie compounds. Some important secondary prefixes are alkyl Gor-R, nitror-NOy,haloor-N, alkox(for-ORetc. PACname ofan organic compound consists of following arrangement (#) Secondary prefix. The groups which are not considered as functional groups, in I Thus in short, IU . 2* prefix +1* prefix + word root +1* suffix + 2* suffix

  9. Practice question word root, suthxes and pretixes in each of the tollovn names (a 2-Butenol (eMeyoobutanoic acid , (b) 3-O Xobutanoic acl d 4 e) 3-(Carbamoy methyl) pentanediaide

  10. Practice question Pt dayl y and secondary n each of the tollowing s o ns CHg C00H