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General Formula for Naming (in Hindi)
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In this lecture we will learn about the formula of nomenclature. And how we count number of carbon in main skeleton. This lecture will help all the science stream students with chemistry. This is the basic lecture of the naming.

Vishwa Vivek Sharma
verified & star educator|| IIT-JEE NEET|| 5+ year experience|| hindi & English medium ||Chemistry || youtube- "Sharmaji education"

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kindly elaborate the things and please try to explain the concept. try to go through once with Abhishek Shrivastava's lessons,
a) 3 ; b) 6 ; c)8 ; d)5
sir can you tell what is iso ,sec,terl and how can we identity them
Ayush raj
6 months ago
sorry I understand it in next video thanku
a) 2 carbons b) 6 carbons c) 6 carbons d) 4 carbons
  1. IUPAC NOMENCLATURE General formula of nomenclature Er. Vishwa Vivek Sharma Chemical Engineer)

  2. About me Er Vishwa Vivek Sharma . Chemical Engineer IET MJPRU Bareilly Passionate about teaching . Educator at Sharmaji Education Educator at Sharmaji Education e Poem and article writing is my hobby. . Follow me on unacademy.

  3. IUPAC- International Union Of Pure And Applied Chemistry IUPAC rules were first laid down in 1892. The system of nomenclature, based upon IUPAC rules is known as IUPAC system of nomenclature or systematic nomenclature

  4. HOW? Formula for nomenclature: 2* prefix +1* prefix + word root +1* suffix + 2* suffix

  5. Word root:- a word root indicates the nature of the basic carbon skeleton. Chain containing one to four carbon atoms are known by special word root, while chain from C5 onwards are known by Greek numerals Word root Non adec- Icos- Henicos- Docos- Tricos- Nonacos_ Triacont Hentriacont Dotriacont- Tetracont- Pentacont- Chain length Word root Meth Eth- Prop But- Pent- Hex- Hept- Oct- Non- or Ennea Chain length 19 21 31 10 Undec- or Hendec- Dodec Tridec- Hect- 100 12 13

  6. Examples CH^CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 n Hexane, (I) n-Hexane, (I) Octane 2-Methylheptane

  7. CH3 CHgC CH terl-Butyl CH3 CH CH CH.CE,CH2CH- CHCHCH CH,CH 2 -Butyl iso-butyl sec-Butyl

  8. Practice Question Identify the no. of carbon in main skeleton?