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Naming of Acids, Salts of Acids, & Acid anhydride
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In this lecture we will learn about the naming of acids and acids derivative compounds. Very useful lecture for the 11 12 and competitive exam aspirants. I hope you love this video. Please do share.

Vishwa Vivek Sharma
verified & star educator|| IIT-JEE NEET|| 5+ year experience|| hindi & English medium ||Chemistry || youtube- "Sharmaji education"

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aapne jo acid anhydride ka naming kiya wo sahi mai IUPAC name hai kya....???????
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  1. IUPAC NOMENCLATURE Naming Of Acids, Salts of Acids and Acid Anhydrides Er. Vishwa Vivek Sharma (Chemical Engineer)

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  4. CarboxylicAcid Carboxylic acids are named by identifying the longest carbon chain containing the carboxylicacid functional group and using this carbon chain as the stem for the carboxylicacid name. The ending"-anoic acid" is added to the stem to indicate that the compound is a carboxylic acid. CH3-CH2 CH2-CH2-CH2-C-OH hexanoic acid CH3-CH2 CH CH- C-OH 2-bromo-3-methylpentanoic acid CH3 Br CH2 CH- CH CH2 CH3 2-ethyl-3-butenoic acid CooH COOH

  5. Special Names of Common Carboxylic Acids Formula H-C-OH Systematic Name methanoic acid Trivial Name formic acid acetic acid ethanoic acid CH3-C-OH CH3-CH2-C- OH propionic acid propanoic acid CH3-CH2-CH2-C-OH butyric acid butanoic acid HO-C-C-OH oxalic acid ethanedioc acid HO-C- CH2-C-OH malonic acid propanedioic acid

  6. HO-C-CH2-CH2-C-OH succinic acid butanedioic acid fumaric acid E-butenedioic acid H COOH HOOC H maleic acid Z-butenedioic acid HOOC COOH lactic acid 2-hydroxypropionic acid CH3 CH-C-OH OH O

  7. Acid anhydrides are named when symmetrical by replacement of the word "acid" by anhydride. When unsymmetrical, the two acid groups are named as separate words in alphabetical order and the word anhydride is added. Examples CH3-C-o-C-CH3 CH2-C-O-C-CH acetic anhydride CH3 CH2-CH2-C-O-C-CHa acetic butyric anhydride acetic

  8. Acid salts are named by replacicing the "ic" ending of the acid name with "ate" Examples sodium butyrate CH3-CH2-CH2-C-O Na ammonium acetate CH3-C-o NH4 CH3 +potassium 5,5-dimethylhexanoate CH3-c-C2-CH2-CH2-c-o K potassium CH3-C-CH2-CH2 CH2-C-O K CH3 Ca2 (HCo22 calcium formate (or calcium diformate)