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Plane Mirrors (in Hindi)
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mam plese complete all lesson plese you good educcator in unacademy
Raveena Bishnoi
a year ago
yes sure.. i ll complete all lessons..
sir detained lesson kii link share krr dijiyee
sir description kaha diya hh??
  1. Laws of Reflection 1.lncident ray, Reflection ray and normal all lie in the same plane. 2.Angle of Incident (Angle between Incident ray and normal) and Angle of Reflection are Equal 2, OR

  2. Q. Find coordinates of Point P, (x,y) if Reflected ray becomes verticle R-K U) .al

  3. epi-ci er) ?lana adim a. PLane Su aca. caCA aCA slas

  4. PLANE MIRROR PLANE t-1RROR Distance of object from mirror is equal to Distance of image from Mirror

  5. Image will definitely form

  6. Q. Find coordinates of images formed?

  7. Q. Find coordinates of images formed? 1459 e-2

  8. Image formation of extended objects by Plane mirror (e (3 ama

  9. eb

  10. Field of View * Image formation does not depends on length of mirror but field of view depends on fov < length of mirror.

  11. Path 2.