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Introduction to Optics and Reflection (in Hindi)
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That's a very good course. Deep knowledge has been imparted. Please upload something on how can a salaried employee save taxes
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thanks... uploading soon
  1. OPTICS rLa naanu ight Field

  2. FERMAT'S PRINCIPLE OF LEAST TIME "From all the possible paths to go from one point to another, light takes the path which requires least time." rath-2 Light will choose to go through path 2

  3. General Optics Questions Q. What will be the colour of bulb with respect to observer's eye? walr geen Ans. It seems Green. Colour is the property of Frequency and frequency depends on source. It will not change with changing medium

  4. Frequency remains same on changing medium Wavelength will change on changing medium. Speed of light will change with changing medium

  5. * We can see things around us due to Two major reason- 1-> One is due to Emission (or Radiation) of light. 2Due to reflection of light.

  6. Q. Which ballon will burst first? Blue Red Red LASER. Red * Blue colour reflects blue light and absorbs rest of the colours. Similarly Red reflects red and absorbs rest.

  7. Optics (Ray Optics) If dimensions of objects are very large comparable to wavelength of light. (Wave optics) If light passes through holes or pores or such type of dimensions which are comparable to wavelength of light

  8. Ray Optics (or Geometrical Optics) Reflection:- If light ray strike the boundary of two media such as air and glass, part of light will reflect back into the same medium Regular Reflection:- If the Reflection takes from a perfect Plane surface. It is called regular reflection Diffused Reflection:- When the surface is rough we get irregular reflected ray. Reflected rays will go in different directions after reflection.