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Plane Mirror Problems (in Hindi)
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Atul Chauhan
10 months ago
  1. eb

  2. Field of View * Image formation does not depends on length of mirror but field of view depends on fov < length of mirror.

  3. Q. Find out the distance for which observer will be able to see the image of light? Im rn 2m

  4. Path 2.

  5. Rotation of Mirror Rotation of mirror' IT tial 28

  6. * If we rotate Mirror by S Then reflected ray will Rotate by 2 in the same sense. Q.By what Angle mirror should be rotated such that reflected ray become horizontal? 3o 30'

  7. Q. Mirror is rotating with L) Rad/sec Find speed of spot? sfe

  8. Velocity in Plane Mirror ej

  9. Q. If velocity of object is 4m/s and that of Mirror is 10m/s. Find velocity of Image formed? umlsec

  10. lmage formation between 2 parallel Plane mirrors wt2 pah 50