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Now cases for convex mirror ( in Hindi)
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Hello sir pls do course on process calculation...
  1. CA -t yv Graph Between 1/v and 1/u age By Using mirror formula, we can say that relation between 1/v and 1/u is straight line Iu nnage

  2. Graph between v and u Vistai may Using mirror formula, we can conclude that graph between v and u is hyperbolic curve Real Rehl mag

  3. Q. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror of focal length 10cm. If image formed is double the height of object. Find out the position of Image from pole of mirror? Case 1 If image is real 2h ] Kot) UA

  4. Case 2 If image is virtual uL Io

  5. Draw image diagram for object AEB

  6. For real object from negative infinity to pole R. O 0 Nature of image Point size, Virtual smaller than image, Virtual, Erect -oo <o <p p 14

  7. V,a. Case for a virtual object, If Virtual object lies between pole to focus n2 9.299 0. Nature:- Real, Erect, Bigger

  8. If virtual object lies from focus to center of curvature V.o br Nature of image 0 <bat <Kto virtual image, inverted, larger

  9. If virtual object lies from center of curvature to infinity Vo V. Nature of image Smaller than object, inverted, virtual

  10. Velocity of image, mirror and object Vim Vom Velocity of Image with respect to mirror Velocity of object with respect to mirror d-t o (object distance) -2 ( Focal length) -z It is valid only along the principle axis of mirror. For plane Mirror (v=u), then Vim-Vom (2-3 ) Velocity of image with respect to ground m l sec

  11. Problems linked with mirror and mechanics problem Coefficient of restitution SHM

  12. Q. Find length of image formed 2mm Length of image Longitudinal magnification duu for small objects Length of object

  13. Q. Find coordinates of final image after two reflections PA 1 041 202 PA 2 For M1, U -20 cm f 20cm Now by solving, V 10cnm For M2, U -60cm f--20cm By solving we get, V 30cm Ho 2cm Then by solving, Hi--1 cm

  14. Q. Find total number of images formed IN 0 Both images will coincide . So number of images will be one only AN

  15. NEWTON'S FORMULA FOR REFLECTION * Consider distance between object and focus point is x and l.e for image and focus point is y tw 2 2 Use this formula for verification