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Finally winding up spherical mirrors (in Hindi )
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  1. Q. Find length of image formed of object AB LONGITUDINAL MAGNIFICATION For longitudinal magnification, there may be two cases 1. If length of object is comparable to object distance then in this case consider two end points of object and calculate there image distance of both the objects 2. If length of object is very less compared to object distance 0

  2. Q. Find length of image formed 2mm Length of image Longitudinal magnification duu for small objects Length of object

  3. COMBINATION OF MIRRORS Q. Find position of final image after two reflections if considering ray will first fall on mirror 1 tve *Focal length of both the mirrors are 20cm Mirror 1 (M1) Mirror 2 (M2) For mirror 1 U -20cm f -20cm By using mirror formula we can calculate, V = 10cm For mirror 2 U -90 cm f =-20cm Again by mirror formula, V =-180/7 cm

  4. Q. Find coordinates of final image after two reflections For M1 U -30cm f-20cm By using mirror formula V =-60cm Ho +2cm Now by using magnification formula we can calculate, Hi -4cm Mirror 2 Object 2m Finul ri I0, I5)1st image 30 2nd image / For M2, U =-20cm Mirror 1 201m +20cm By using mirror formula, V = 10cm Ho -3cm By using magnification formula, Hi -1.5cm

  5. Q. Find coordinates of final image after two reflections PA 1 041 202 PA 2 For M1, U -20 cm f 20cm Now by solving, V 10cnm For M2, U -60cm f--20cm By solving we get, V 30cm Ho 2cm Then by solving, Hi--1 cm

  6. Q. Find total number of images formed IN 0 Both images will coincide . So number of images will be one only AN

  7. NEWTON'S FORMULA FOR REFLECTION * Consider distance between object and focus point is x and l.e for image and focus point is y tw 2 2 Use this formula for verification