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This lesson explains about the Economics dec 2018 Solutions.

Tanya Bhatia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tanya Bhatia
Topper in 12th Cbse Economics Hons from Shyam Lal College DU, M.A in Economics. Expert in NET for Economics.Teaching is work of heart❤❤❤

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  2. Q.8 Round tripping in international trade is a method Options 1. To evade tax 2. To boost foreign direct investment 3. Of financing start-ups 4. To increase exports

  3. Q.11 Which of the following statements is/are correct about normal profit? 1. It is earned in the long period only. 2. It is earned in the short period only. 3. It is earned only in perfect competition. 4 It is earned in both the long period and the short period. Options

  4. Q10 According to the Union Budget, which of the following Fiscal deficit targets for 2018-19 is correct? I. 45% of the GDP 2, 43% of the GDP 3, 53% of the GDP 4, 3.3% of the GDP ptions

  5. The original interpretation of balanced growth relates to 1. Equal amount to investment in all sectors 2. Options Large scale expansion of activities to overcome divergence between private and social benefits 3. All sectors growing at the same rate 4. Absence of shortages or excesses