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Economics dec 2018 Part-28
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This lesson explains about the Solutions of Questions of Dec 2018 paper

Tanya Bhatia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tanya Bhatia
Topper in 12th Cbse Economics Hons from Shyam Lal College DU, M.A in Economics. Expert in NET for Economics.Teaching is work of heart❤❤❤

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thanks sir , so helpfull in hindi medium

  2. What is the required Capital Adequacy Ratio for a new bank to apply for a license, under the draft guidelines of RBI? 1. 9 percent 2. 12 percent 3. 11 percent 4. 10 percent ns

  3. .53 Who among the following said that "Money is a temporary abode of purchasing power" ons 1. William J. Baumol 2. Milton Friedman 3. Irving Fisher 4. James Tobin

  4. Q.54Consider the following statements about the law of variable proportions: Gi) Input ratio remains unchanged. ii) Ultimately the marginal and average product of variable input becomes negativ (ii) Effect of technological change is visible on output. Choose the correct answer from the code given below Code: ptions1. None of the above statements is correct 2. Only (ii) is correct 3. i and(ii) are correct 4. (i) and (ii) are correct

  5. Q.57 ptions Which of the following is not a macro economic challenge before Indian economy as of now 1. Depreciation of Indian rupee 018 High imports of gold Rising protectionism in the world Widening current account deficit 2. 3. 4.