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Economics dec 2018 part-30
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This lesson explains about the Solutions of Questions of Economics of dec 2018 paper.

Tanya Bhatia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tanya Bhatia
Topper in 12th Cbse JRF holder Eco hons. Shyam Lal College DU, M.A in Economics. Expert in NET for Economics.Teaching is work of heart❤❤❤

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mam g7 kiske sath cnnct hoga
Jigyasa Singh
a year ago
G7 will be connected to Qo. Very good observation skills. Wish you lots of success.
Davinder Kaur
a year ago
tq mam 😀😁😁😁

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  3. 0zWhich of the following is not part of the Peacock-Wiseman Hypothesis? options, Inspection Effect Q.62 2. Concentration Effect 3. Announcement Effect 4. Displacement Effect

  4. Q.65 r( ),' (EL, then If A ADB Options 1. Country A is having cheap labour tps:// /26/2018 https:l/ Capital is dear in country A Country A is capital abundant Country A is labour abundant 2. 3. 4.

  5. Q.67 An income tax will be progressive if 1. Marginal rate of tax is greater than the average rate of tax. 2. Marginal rate of tax is zero. 3. Marginal rate of tax is less than the average rate of tax. 4. Marginal rate of tax is equal to the average rate of tax. Options