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Economics dec 2018 part-27
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This lesson explains about the Solutions of Questions of Dec 2018.

Tanya Bhatia is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tanya Bhatia
Topper in 12th Cbse JRF holder Eco hons. Shyam Lal College DU, M.A in Economics. Expert in NET for Economics.Teaching is work of heart❤❤❤

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campos is tropical grassland.found in BRAZIL. Mrichhkatika is a sanskrit act -sudraka

  2. Q.50 As per the SRS Bulletin of September 2017, the estimated death rate for Kerala is 7-6, while for Bihar it is 6. From these data which is the correct inference to draw? ptions1. Ageing of population in Kerala is faster than in Bihar 2. Suicide rate in Kerala is very high. 3. Health condition of people in Bihar is better than that in Kerala. 4. Life Expectancy in Bihar is higher than that in Kerala.

  3. Consider the following diagram and the statements: Saving 0 >Income (i) Saving is positively related to income (ii) Marginal propensity to save is positive, but less than 1. Choose the correct answer from the code given below: Code: options Only (ii) 2. Neither (i) nor (ii) 3. Both (i and ii) 4. Only (i)

  4. 52 What is the required Capital Adequacy Ratio for a new bank to apply for a license, under the draft guidelines of RBI? 1. 9 percent 2. 12 percent 3. 11 percent 4. 10 percent ons

  5. 53 Who among the following said that "Money is a temporary abode of purchasing power"? ons1. William J. Baumol 2. Milton Friedman 3. Irving Fisher 4. James Tobin