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Overview: The Post-Mauryan Period
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.This course will cover the following lessons: 1. The Sangam Period (Part – I) 2. The Sangam Period (Part – II) 3. The Sangam Period (Part – III) 4. The Indo-Greeks and Kharavela 5. The Shungas and Magadh 6. The Shakas 7. The Kshatraps and Indo-Parthians 8. The Satvahanas 9. The Former Kushanas 10. The Later Kushanas 11. Religion in the post-Mauryan Period 12. Economy during the post-Mauryan Period 13. Art and Architecture during the post-Mauryan Period 14. Culture and Coinage during the post-Mauryan Period 15. The arrival of Judaism and Christianity in India

Abhyudaya Kelkar
Completed B.Com from DAVV, Indore Cleared CS, CWA (CMA) and CA Final (Group I)

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sir aisa bhi dekha gya he ki upsc jo options deti he uske bare me ek do sal bad questions bnati hi he so aap other options ka bhi explanation karte rahe halanki vidro jayada bnege bt benefits for whole upsc community
  1. Course -1 Ancient India By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)

  2. Course -I Ancient India . Part -I: The Beginning . Part II: Indus Valley Civilization and Bronze Age . Part - III : Vedic Civilization and Iron Age . Part - IV: The Mauryan Period Part - V: The Post-Mauryan Period . Part - VI : The Gupta Period . Part - VII : The Post Gupta Period

  3. The Overyiew of Part-V The Post-Mauryan Period

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  5. Lesson 1 : The Sangam Period - I Lesson 2 : The Sangam Period - II Lesson 3 : The Sangam Period III Lesson 4: The Indo-Greeks and Kharavela Lesson 5: The Shungas and Magadh Lesson 6: The Shakas Lesson 7: The Kshatraps and Indo-Parthians Lesson 8: The Satavahanas

  6. Lesson 9: The Former Kushans Lesson 10 : The Later Kushans Lesson 11 : Religion in the Post-Mauryan Period Lesson 12: Economy during the Post-Mauryan Period Lesson 13: Art & Architecture during the Post-Mauryan Period Lesson 14 : Coinage & Culture during the Post-Mauryan Period Lesson 15: The Arrival of Christianity and Judaism in India

  7. Lesson 1 The Sangam Period Part I By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)